Coordination of ICT and Robotics in Agriculture
and Related Environmental Issues
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The ICT-AGRI Secretariat
The ICT-AGRI Secretariat consists of the following people:

Niels Gøtke Niels Gøtke
+45 7231 8396
Overall responsible for ICT-AGRI
Iver Thysen Iver Thysen
Project Consultant
+45 7231 8382
Scientific advisor
Per Mogensen Per Mogensen
Project Consultant
+45 7231 8383
Financial- and web administrator

The project secretariat can be contacted via e-mail:

The ICT-AGRI Secretariat Office is located at:

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
Bredgade 40
DK-1260 Copenhagen K
ICT-AGRI office building

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