Coordination of ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

Public Private Partnerships

New partnerships and common solutions

ICT AGRI Era-net launched in 2011 a PPP Action with the goal to support and develop the set-up of partnerships between public and private stakeholders (public research centers, private companies, end users association, etc.) in the area of ICT and Robotics for the agriculture and environment.

A first specific main challenge involving all European countries was chosen: the reduction of the use of pesticides, in close relationship with the 2018 European objective(European Directive 2009/128/EC).

Three concrete innovative products were proposed as a basis to gather all potential partners to discuss together various options and help them to define their projects and partnerships, in a bottom-up approach.

NEXT MEETING: 29th of October in Brussels.
LAST NEWS: The day of the meeting may be modified - More information will be available soon


Do you want to participate?

Product n°1 : E-services Package

Join the pre-project work space of 'e-services package' in order to participate to the forum website here.

Product n°2 : Smart adjustment tools on sprayers

Join the pre-project work space of 'smart tools adjustments for sprayers' and the forum website here.

Product n°3 : Combined Robotic Solution

Join the pre-project work space of 'the combined robotic platform" and the forum website here.

For 'Smart tools on sprayer' and 'Combined Robotic' products, if sufficient interest is generated from public and private partners, ICT-AGRI will facilitate collaboration in Public-Private Partnerships and will also consider a new call in 2013 to fund projects.

If you are interested, you can also send an email to
Your ideas and suggestions will be treated confidentially by the Steering Committee of the PPP Action and will not be disseminate. This committee is composed of one representative from 4 countries (Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland) and of 2 members of the ICT AGRI secretariat coordination.

  I am interested in the PPP Action (register first to the MetaKnowledge Base and tick the box - Help on how to register).

What happened previously in the PPP Action?

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