Coordination of ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and Related Environmental Issues

ICT and Automation for a Greener Agriculture

ICT-AGRI 2nd Call for Transnational Research & Technological Development and Demonstration Projects.

The call is closed.

The ICT-AGRI 2nd Call aims at utilizing ICT and automation in primary agriculture for sustainable use of natural resources, reduction of agricultures environmental footprint, mitigation of climate change while securing farm economy and good working conditions, food supply, quality and security, and animal welfare.

Scope Topics
The call focus is on innovations in the use of ICT and automation in primary agriculture. Projects are expected to develop and demonstrate feasible solutions with proven effects towards a greener European agriculture.

Projects can include a combination of Research and Technological Development (RTD) and Demonstration.

Project consortia are expected to be formed by public research organisations, public services as well as commercial enterprises across Europe.

It is expected that 5-10 projects will be funded by this call with subsidies per project between 0.6 and 1 million euro. Funding is subject to national regulations.
  1. Open Farm Management Systems
  2. Enabling farming based on ICT and robotic machines
  3. Transfer of Knowledge and Solutions
  4. Interactions between farmers and public services based on ICT and automation
  5. Retrieval of knowledge from agriculture based on empirical data in farm management systems
Projects must apply to a least one topic, but may often apply to several topics.

Proposals Statistics
The first stage of the call resulted in 29 pre-proposals with a total requested funding of 20.9 Mio €, three times the available funding of 6.2 Mio €.

Fourteen consortia have been invited to submit a full proposal. Several of the invitations are conditioned on modifications of consortium or budgets due to budget constraints.

Full proposals will be evaluated by an independant review panel, who will deliver a ranking of projects and a recommendation for funding to the funding agencies, which takes the final decision of funding. Further modifications of consortia and budgets may be necessary. Negotiations with funded consortia are expected to be completed by end of 2012.
Statistics concerning the pre-proposals are available from here. The statistics concern either all pre-proposals or selected pre-proposals and include
  • requested vs available fund per funding agency,
  • distribution of budget on organisation type and project activity,
  • distribution of applications on call topics and,
  • distribution of project efforts on ICT solutions.
A general observation is that applicants have not responded well to the intentions in the call concerning test and demonstration of developed solutions under real farming circumstances.

Call Information Call schedule
Guidelines for Applicants - full proposals
version 1.2 25-06-2012
with full information about funders, topics, eligibility requirements and evaluation criteria

Funding Agency Regulations
with specific regulations for each funder
Deadline for pre-proposals 7 May 2012, 13:00 CET
Invitation for full proposal June 2012
Deadline for full proposals 7 September 2012
Contract negotiation November 2012
Start of projects From december 2012

Call Office Contact by mail
Carina Madsen
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Danish AgriFish Agency (DAFA), Denmark    +45 4189 2522
Iver Thysen
Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education
Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI), Denmark    +45 7231 8382